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آفرین‌نامه: مقاله‌های باستان‌شناسی در نکوداشت استاد مهدی رهبر

Afarin Nameh: Essays on the archaeology of Iran in Honour of Mehdi Rahbar; Āfrīnʹnāmah

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In stock

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Publication Year2019
Volume(s)1 vol
Total Pages578
Language(s)English, Persian
Content Specscolour, diagram, illust., picture, table
Free downloadable Table of contents of the Persian section, sample pages

    Table of contents of English section

    Antigoni Zournatzi: “Travels in the East with Herodotus and the Persians: Herodotus
    (4.36.2-45) on the Geography of Asia”
    Vesta Sarkhosh Curtis: “From Mithradat I (c. 171-138 BCE) to Mithradat II (c. 122/1-91
    BCE): the Formation of Arsacid Parthian Iconography”
    D.T. Potts and R.P. Adams: “The Elymaean bratus: A Contribution to the Phytohistory of
    Arsacid Iran”
    Vito Messina and Jafar Mehr Kian: “Anthrosol Detection in the Plain of Izeh”
    Rémy Boucharlat: “Some Remarks on the Monumental Parthian Tombs of Gelālak and Susa”
    Edward J. Keall: “Power Fluctuations in Parthian Government: Some Case Examples”
    Bruno Genito: “Hellenistic Impact on the Iranian and Central Asian Cultures: The Historical Contribution and the Archaeological Evidence.”
    Pierfrancesco Callieri: “A Fountain of Sasanian Age from Ardashir Khwarrah”
    Behzad Mofidi-Nasrabadi: “The Gravity of New City Formations: Change in Settlement Patterns Caused by the Foundation of Gondishapur and Eyvan-e Karkheh”
    St John Simpson: “The Land behind Rishahr: Sasanian Funerary Practices on the Bushehr Peninsula”
    Barbara Kaim: “Playing in the Temple: A Board Game Found at Mele Hairam, Turkmenistan”
    Eberhard W. Sauer, Hamid Omrani Rekavandi, Jebrael Nokandeh and Davit Naskidashvili: “The Great Walls of the Gorgan Plain Explored via Drone Photography”
    Jens Kröger: “The Berlin Bottle with Water Birds and Palmette Trees”
    Carlo G. Cereti: “Once more on the Bandiān Inscriptions”
    Gabriele Puschnigg: “East and West: Some Remarks on Intersections in the Ceramic Repertoires of Central Asia and Western Iran”
    Matteo Compareti: ““Persian Textiles” in the Biography of He Chou: Iranian Exotica in Sui-Tang China”
    Ritvik Balvally, Virag Sontakke, Shantanu Vaidya and Shrikant Ganvir: “Sasanian Contacts with the Vakatakas’ Realm with Special Reference to Nagardhan”
    Antonio Panaino: “The Ritual Drama of the High Priest Kirdēr”
    Touraj Daryaee: “Khusrow Parwēz and Alexander the Great: An Episode of imitatio Alexandri by a Sasanian King”
    Maria Vittoria Fontana: “Do You Not Consider How Allāh … Made the Sun a Burning Lamp?”
    Jonathan Kemp and John Hughes: “Analysis of Two Mortar Samples from the Ruined Site of a Sasanian Palace and Il-Khānid Caravanserai, Bisotun, Iran”

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