Frequently Asked Questions

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How will you acknowledge my order?
An email acknowledgement of your order will be sent to you that will confirm the details of what you have ordered and the address to which the items will be sent.
How secure are my credit card details?

All the information you provide is encrypted (scrambled) using the industry standard SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology so that when you submit the order from the online form to our computer, nothing can be read as it travels down the secure line.

How can I place my orders?

Please complete and submit our online “Quotation Request Form“.

If that is not possible, you may send us your enquiries in any other way which is convenient for you such as email, fax or post.

How secure is shopping in the Online Shop? Is my data protected?

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What details do you need to process my orders?
  • Title, Order Code, and quantity of each item (for items in print).
  • Bill-To address, contact person, numbers and e-mail.
  • Ship-To address, contact person, numbers and e-mail (if different).
  • Special shipping instruction, if needed.
  • Whether or not you prefer to backorder.
What is your pricing policy?

All prices on Opars Books are for online purchases only.

We will make reasonable efforts to present accurate information but we cannot guarantee the price or our ability to supply any particular book.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Occasionally publishers may increase their prices unexpectedly, and this is often something we become aware of only upon ordering stock from them. In the event that this occurs, or in the event of a pricing error, we will check with you to see if you still wish to receive the item at the new price.

What types of payments do you accept?

We Accept payments through following methods:

  • Bank transfer; Our UK account details will be notified in the pro-forma invoice.
  • Major Credit/Debit Cards; We accept payment by these Cards: Mastercard, Visa.
What is your return and refund policy?

All tangible orders are consolidated and packaged very carefully, and shipped registered. We can not be responsible for the replacement or repair of the books if you do not notify the shipping company. Returns of items only shipped in error are handled within 20 days of the receipt of the shipment. Before returning any item, you must notify us to receive a confirmation Return Code and an address to return the item. Items to be returned, should not be marked, accessioned, or stamped in any way.

Do you accept claims for lost orders?

Claims for lost orders should reference the invoice number. We are not liable for lost orders shipped by non-registered posts or once your freight forwarder has signed for the order.

Digital Subscriptions

How renewals take place within your services?

We automatically take action to renew every subscription that has not been cancelled on schedule by sending you a request for each single journal 4 months before the subscription is due to expire. If you wish to cancel an existing subscription you need to give written notice at least 3 months before the expiry date of the subscription.

Do you supply back issues?

Back issues and back volumes are available for most titles at the current subscription rates. Please contact us for availability.

Can I cancel a subscription?

All orders are fully cancelable as long as the cancel request is received within 48 hours of the time the order is placed. After that, in most cases cancellations will not be accepted.

When can I order for a yearly subscription?

Orders can be placed at any time during the year for any designated subscription year.

Are your subscription prices fixed?

All prices are subject to change without notice. However, once an order is placed, We will not raise its price for the duration of the subscription year.

Are e-journals exact matches of their print counterparts?

Not always. If the page image was scanned into the database, the match may be exact. Many electronic journals exclude non-article items, such as letters to the editor or advertisements.

By subscribing to e-journals, what will we get access to?

By subscribing at our digital rate you will get electronic access only to the issues within your current and all previous orders. For example, for orders placed for 2008 issues, access will be available to the content in 2008. When renewed for 2009, access will be available to 2008 and 2009. In other words, for your subscription fee, you would be buying the data for the journal for the year in question, and will have permanent access to that material. You would not have to pay another fee to access it as back issues, once the year is done. You would of course have to pay a subscription price for a new year’s subscription.

Can I print or download articles?

Absolutely; You can download and print articles with no limitations, however please note that reproducing articles whether in digital or print format for distribution and sales puporses are srtictly prohibited.

How can I access to the e-journals’ articles for which I have paid the subscription charges?

Articles are accessible in any of the following methods:

  • Manual Login: in this method, you should login using your username and password determined when signing up for the service.
  • IP-Based Authentication: In this method any user visiting our website originating from an IP address within the IP range specified by the customer would get access to the articles through an automatic authentication system.
How do I view e-jounals and articles?

Articles are available in PDF (using Adobe Acrobat or other freely available plug-ins). Formatting, images, fonts and layout are reproduced accurately, providing a high-quality replica of the printed page that can be viewed on-screen or downloaded at your convenience.

How many simultaneous viewers can access e-journals?

Regarding the number of simultaneous users that can be online and get access to e-journals, we can make it virtually unlimited; however, we begin from 3 concurrent users and increase it on your request and based on a fair usage.

Which Persian / Iranian serials are available electronically?

Most of the Iranian scholarly prestigious and highly cited journals are available electronically. If you seek for a specific journal that is not already available in our database, we can make it accessible for you in most cases and in the earliest possible.

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