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Persian Nobles; 2 vols

نام آوران ایران زمین؛ ۲جلدی

Nam-avaran-e Iran Zamin; 2 jeldi
A. Lorestani
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2 volumes
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25 x 35
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Glassy paper; Boxed
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This book contains the biographies of 1200 Iranian luminaries from ancient times to the modern era and has been published in Persian and English, in two volumes. Luminaries in culture, art, philosophy, literature, science, sports and other areas have been introduced in the treatise.

A word from the Compiler, author and researcher:

"I am eternally grateful to God for blessing me with the opportunity to compile and write this book of 'Persian Nobles'. The present publication is chiefly comprised of information about over 1200 Iranian figures whose achievements in various fields of science, literature, philosophy, arts, medicine, engineering, and sports have influenced humanity far beyond the borders of their glorious land. Noting that even containing such a large number of profiles and biographies, this book is but a drop before the vast ocean of Iranian genius, I hope the existence of an organized collection as this will serve to better reflect the brilliance and innovation of my people.

The idea of creating a book about influential Iranians was conceived anal assessed in the first half of 2009 and by the summer of this year I had officially commenced the process of compiling. This, firstly consisted of obtaining a list of celebrated professionals, which was approved by the ministries, associations, federations, institutions or organizations regulating that profession. In the next stage, research about each individual would begin to acquire sufficient information for a concise biography considering the limits of space. Subsequently these texts were translated and edited before being placed in separately designed pages. It is noteworthy that the titles of many of the films, books, music records, etc. have been translated into English for the first time and as accurately as possible. Also, the strategy in compilation of this book is siginificant in that all 'lunar' dates and years have been converted to "solar ones in chapter II of the book.

Conducting research for the first chapter of 'Persian Nobles' was an extremely arduous and time-consuming task especially since offering any information about Iran's ancient history would ideally require its own team and funding in an independent project. Still, the loads of comparative library research, innumerable hours consulting scholars, and many photography and research trips taken to historical sites like Sialk in Kashan, Susa, Chogha Zanbil Ziggurat, Persepolis, the city of Parseh and esteemed museums such as Iran-e Bastan, Reza Abbasi, Abgineh, etc.) led to an elegant albeit somewhat delayed chapter.

Conscious selection in life is virtually always a serious matter and this was particularly true for our team who received its feed of information in a heterogeneous manner. Additionally, contacting most of the living individuals to obtain or verify information about them presented a significant challenge on account of their many responsibilities and busy schedules. Nevertheless, even these short and sporadic meetings or phone conversations were a great honour.

'Persian Nobles' contains ten chapters that appear in the following order:

  1. Ahistorical Introduction of Iran named 'Iranians, Glorious, from Antiquity to Modernity'
  2. Iranian scholars throughout the history in science, literature, culture, philosophy, and arts (from Borzooyeh the physician in the Sassanid Dynasty until present day)
  3. Renowned physicians from contemporary Iran
  4. Pioneering Irainian physicians
  5. Architects
  6. A selection of accomplished Iranians residing in other countries
  7. Musicologists, composers, musicians and vocalists (in three sections including the deceased, pioneers and the new generation)
  8. Actors
  9. Directors
  10. Athletes

Such arrangement of chapters as well as the choice of content found within each is largely informed by the main objective of the book which is to introduce Iranian figures of highest repute not only to their fellow countrymen but also to the people of other nations. Equally, celebrating the achievements and contributions of such extraordinary people in the fields of science, literature, philosophy, arts, medicine, engineering, and sports was in hopes of exciting and encouraging the youth to persist in their endeavours.

این کتاب به طور کلی شامل معرفی بیش از ۱۲۰۰ نام آور معاصر و پیشکسوت ایرانی در عرصه‌های علم، ادب، فرهنگ، پزشکی، مهندسی، هنر، ورزش و … می‌باشد.

کتاب «نام آوران ایران زمین» از ده فصل و به ترتیب ذیل تشکیل شده است:

  1. دیباچه‌ای تاریخی با نام «ایرانیان، پر افتخار، از باستان تا معاصر»
  2. نامداران تاریخ کهن و نیز معاصر ایران زمین در عرصه علم، ادب، فرهنگ، فلسفه و هنر (از برزویه طبیب در زمان ساسانیان تا دوره معاصر)
  3. پزشکان صاحب نام معاصر
  4. پزشکان پیشکسوت
  5. مهندسین معمار
  6. چهره‌های موفق ایرانی مقیم در خارج از ایران
  7. موسیقی‌دانان و آهنگسازان، نوازندگان و آواز خوانان (در سه بخش درگذشتگان، پیشکسوتان و نسل نو)
  8. بازیگران
  9. کارگردانان
  10. ورزشکاران.

جلد نخست این اثر دایرةالمعارفی شامل شش فصل است که به طور کلی دربرگیرنده موضوعاتی چون معرفی فرهنگ، فلسفه، علم و هنر ایرانی، افتخارات و نوآوری ایرانیان از دوره باستان و از هشت‌هزار سال پیش تا دوره معاصر است که انعکاسی از نبوغ و پیشرو بودن ایرانیان را در عرصه‌های گوناگون علمی، فرهنگی، هنری و ... از دیرباز تا به امروز نمایان می‌سازد.

معرفی بزرگان علم، ادب، فرهنگ و فلسفه به همراه زندگی‌نامه، معرفی پزشکان شهید شهیر معاصر و پیشکسوت ایرانی، معرفی معماران برجسته ایرانی و چهره‌های موفق ایرانی مقیم در خارج از ایران بخش‌های دیگر این کتاب است.

جلد دوم این اثر هم با چهار فصل معرفی چهره‌های فرهنگی، هنری (در عرصه موسیقی و نیز سینما)، ادبی و ورزشی در دوره معاصر را پی می‌گیرد و به تفکیک رشته‌ها و اشخاص به تحلیل افتخارات به دست‌آمده توسط این بزرگان می‌پردازد.

همچنین معرفی بیش از پیش نام‌آوران ایرانی در عرصه‌های گوناگون علم، ادب، فرهنگ، فلسفه، هنر، پزشکی، مهندسی، ورزش و غیره ، معرفی بیش از پیش ایران پر افتخار و ارائه تصاویری از تاثیر‌گذاری آن بر جهان از دوران باستان تا معاصر، و البته الگوسازی برای نو رهروان عرصه‌های گوناگون علمی، ادبی، فرهنگی و … ، از اهداف اصلی تدوین این کتاب به شمار می روند.

از نکات بارز مجموعه «نام‌آوران ایران‌زمین» تالیف آن به دو زبان فارسی و انگلیسی است.