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Persian Gulf Islamic Architecture

معماری اسلامی خليج فارس
F. Kazerooni
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Persian Gulf

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Persian Gulf Architecture, which existed fat the past 200 years, was based. on the tradition of Islamic Architecture of 1400 years. Its splendour can be seen in the very few existing traditional building that are left now and most of them are unattended and not properly maintained. In the past, our ancestors had understood the properties of materials that were locally available and had known the art of how to live in harsh climate. They also built the buildings conducive to the environment. Their ability to plan according to social and religious requirement was excellent and the buildings were designed and developed by their skills and talent more than that I had imagined. These traditional buildings that flourished with the elegant style and ingenuity for thousands of years came to an end with the advent of oil. The arrival of modem materials and the influence of Western design concepts, such as reinforced concrete and blocks, air-conditioning works, steel and glass, caused tremendous change in the building sector, and the thousands of years of building culture perished in 50 years of time. TABLE OF CONTENTS- Introduction- History Behind Traditional Buildings- Difference Between Islamic Architecture and Classical Architecture- History of Persian Gulf Architecture - Bahrain- Courtyard Buildings- Master Builders and the Traditional Buildings- Transformation of Construction Technology- Transformation of Architecture in the Persian Gulf - Bahrain- Persian Gulf Islamic Architecture- Wind Towersl Badghir- Invention of First Badghir- Fikri's House at Lengah- Wind Towers in Bahrain- Prelude and History- Other Architectural Features of Traditional Buildings- Town Planning- General Design and Construction of Typical Traditional Buildings- Construction- Shaikh Isa Bin Ali's House at Muharraq- Shaikh Salman and Shaikh Hamad Al Khalifa's House- Modern Islamic Persian Gulf Architectural Design of Shaikh- Salman's House- Syadi House at Muharraq- Haji Ahmed Khalaf:s Building at Manama- Case Study- Pearl Merchant House in Bahrain- Conclusion