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Birds of Iran:
Annotated Checklist of the Species and Subspecies

پرنده‌های ایران: فهرست تفضیلی گونه‌ها و زیرگونه‌ها

Parande-ha-ye Iran: Fehrest-e Tafzili-ye Gune-ha va Zirgune-ha
A. Khaleqizade
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Information on the status of birds of Iran is scattered in many publications, so it is with great pleasure to welcome a book that presents an overview of all species and subspecies of birds recorded in this country up to the beginning of 2017. It is the first such publication for over a century following the checklist by Nikolay Alekseyevich Zarudny in 1911. The authors of the 2017 book have dedicated their book to this Russian researcher of the former Persia.

During their preparations for this book, the authors spent a great deal of time gathering literature on Iranian birds and checking databases and museum specimens for confirming the type localities of Iranian taxa. Short introductory chapters contain concise information about material and methods, definition of status and abundance categories, geographical regions and taxonomic terms. The main part of the book (bilingual, in English and Persian) is an annotated list of the 551 species and 535 subspecies of birds recorded in Iran, in accordance with the IOC World Bird List (version 5.4; with the exception of a few species). Besides brief information on eg the global and national range and conservation status, the species descriptions include information on status in Iran, taxonomic notes, museum specimens, references and comments.

Status descriptions contains rather general information about the range and period of occurrence of a given species, most often in relation to provinces. Information with regard to vagrants is quite accurate, especially for extremely rare ones both on the national and WP scale (date and place). The authors have paid meticulous attention to the taxonomy of both of species and subspecies, citing literature references for all taxa, and often commenting on individual taxonomic decisions. A lot of space has been given to descriptions of subspecies of birds recorded in Iran. In many cases, the taxonomy (after IOC) in this book differs from that used in eg HWPB or the DB bird names.

This book is also the official checklist of the Iran Bird Records Committee (IBRC). At the end of the book there are the appendices with lists of 44 species and 135 subspecies of doubtful occurrence, which have been rejected from the Iranian list with comments on all of them. 

The book includes 80 beautiful photos of species most characteristic of Iran’s birdlife, but also some of vagrants, like Great Stone-curlew, Asian Koel, Spotted Owl, Sind Woodpecker, Long-tailed Shrike L schach, Ashy Drongo Dicrurus leucophaeus, Pleske's Ground Jay, Grey Hypocolius, Oriental White-eye and White-winged Grosbeak.

This publication does not contain species distribution maps, neither is it a guide to the most interesting birding sites in Iran. At the moment, however, it is the most comprehensive book on the birds of this country and may provide a starting point in the search for detailed information or for planning a trip to this fascinating country.

The authors are to be congratulated for the immense effort they have put into preparing this book. It will be very useful to everyone interested in the WP's birds, certainly to birdwatchers who would like to visit Iran.

ماهیت این کتاب اصولاً همچون یک راهنمای میدانی که تصاویر و نقشه‌های حضور و پراکندگی گونه‌ها در آن لحاظ شده باشد، نیست. با توجه به این نگاه، بایستی دانست که جدای از صرف وقت فراوان برای جمع‌آوری منابع قدیمی، صرفاً نوشتن این کتاب زمانی بیش از پنج سال (بیش از سه سال به طور غیرپیوسته و دو سال به شکل پیوسته) را برای تکمیل طی کرده و هفت نویسنده حاضر مجموعاً ساعات طولانی را صرف نگارش و ویرایش این اثر کردند که نتیجه‌ی آن در قالب مجموعه‌ی پیش رو تقدیم می‌شود و به قول یکی از نویسندگان بریتانیایی این مجموعه، «کاری از روی عشق» محسوب میگردد. به جرأت می‌توان اعلام کرد که این اثر به نوبه‌ی خود در سطح آسیا، اگر نه بیهمتا، اما کم نظیر است. پنج نویسنده از هفت نویسنده‌ی کتاب، غیرایرانی بوده و جملگی پرنده شناسان متبحر و مشهوری در سطح کشور خود، منطقه‌ی خاورمیانه و به حد اولی، در منطقه‌ی پاله آرکتیک هستند که همکاری با این دانشمندان، افتخاری بزرگ برای ما محسوب می‌شود. برای نگارش کتاب، علاوه بر استفاده از منابع کتابخانه‌ای، از جمع‌بندی اطلاعات میدانی نیز استفاده شد و حداقل بیش از ۳۵۰ منبع چاپ شده در خصوص پرندگان پاله آرکتیک، منطقه و یا کشور ایران مورد بررسی و استفاده قرار گرفتند.