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10th International Conference on Internal Combustion Engines & Oil; 13–15 February 2018; Tehran, Iran

دهمین همایش بین‌المللی موتورهای درون سوز و‌ نفت؛ ۲۴-۲۶ بهمن ۱۳۹۶؛ تهران

Dahomin Hamayesh-e Beinolmelali-ye Motor-ha-ye Darunsuz va Naft; 24-26 Bahman 1396, Tehran
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15 English and 103 Persian articles
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Mechanical Engineering

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  • Fuel and Powertrain Strategies
  • Alternative and Clean Fuels (Bio Fuels, Synthetic Fuels, New Additives) 
  • Advanced Concepts and New IC Engine Technologies (Hybrid, Downsizing, Super/Turbo-charging, VVT/VVA/VVL, GDI, HCCI, ...)
  • IC Engine Combustion and Pollution Control
  • Emissions of IC Engines in Metropolises (Challenges and Solutions)
  • IC Engine Fluid Dynamics and Gas Exchange (Intake, Exhaust, Injection, Mixture Formation)
  • Noise and Vibration
  • Engine Control
  • Engine Lubrication (Synthetic, Semi-Synthetic and Nano Engine Oils, Role of Oil on Engine Performance)
  • Cooling and Heat Transfer
  • Engine, Powertrain, Vehicle and Integration of Vehicle and Engine
  • Material Engineering in Engine and Parts
  • Engine Parts Failure Analyses and Improvement Techniques
  • Engine and Engine Parts Design, Manufacturing and Assembling Management
  • Advanced Experimental, Numerical and Validation Methods