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International Journal of Aerospace Science and Technology

فصلنامه علوم و فناوری هوافضا

Journal of Aerospace Science and Technology
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This refereed quarterly journal is established to distribute information of significant researches, theoretical works, technical and methodological applications, case studies, short communications and surveys and reviews concerned with the traditional or modern Aerospace Engineering. This journal covers the following areas: Aerodynamics, Propulsion, Guidance and Control, Structures, Design and Industrial Studies. We accept research results for publication which are science based or technology based. Since we are interested in applied research and for importance of experimental and practical research in this regard, we encourage papers in this regard to be submitted for publication in JAST. Fields of Interest in JAST  0- Fluid Mechanics01- Theoretical Fluid Mechanics02- CFD03- Numerical Aerodynamics04- Experimental Aerodynamics & Fluid Mechanics05- Signal & Data Processing06- Turbulence07- Acoustics & Noise 1- Thermophysics11- Thermodynamics 12- Heat Transfer13- Combustion14- Explosion15- Aerodynamic Heating 2- Propulsion21- Jet Engines22- Rocket Engines23- Internal Combustion Engines24- Turbomachinary25- Propellants26- Rocket Design 3- Dynamics & Control31- Flight Dynamics32- Navigation33- Flight Experiments34- Signal & Data Processing35- Control36- Guidance37- Flight Simulation38- Noise & Vibration39- Structural Dynamics 4- System Design41- Airplane & Missile Design42- Helicopter Design43- Space Launch Vehicles44- Satellite Design45- Space Systems 5- Structure51- Aeroelasticity52- Structural Analysis53- Structural Design54- Elasticity & Plasticity55- Creep, Fatigue & Failure56- FEM57- Composites Analysis58- DT & NDT59- Structural Instability 6- Materials61- Advance Materials62- Composite Materials63- Manufacturing Methods 7- Space71- Orbital Mechanics & Astrodynamics72- Remote Sensing73- GPS74- Space Communication 8- Aerospace Management81- Aviation Management82- Airport Services83- Aerospace Planning84- Aeronautical Education85- Space Management86- Aerospace Regulations 9- Atmosphere & Meteorology91- Atmosphere & Meteorology