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A Study on Imam Khomeini Leadership during his Paris residence

Abstract: This article studies Imam Khomeini leadership during his four-month residence in France. During this period، Islamic Revolution entered a new phase of struggles against the Pahlavi regime. At this time Iranian struggles was strengthened and became more consistent by the steps taken and decisions made by Imam. Imam’s obligatory journey to France was done under the pressure of Pahlavi regime with the aim of expelling him from Iraq in order to keep him far away from Iranian borders. However، he changed it to an opportunity for speeding up the revolutions developments. This article shows how Imam was actually changed to the most important figure in the world media by conducting 117 interviews with different international media in few months. The author has also tried to study the kind of leadership Imam had in finalizing the Islamic Revolution. In this period Imam has presented his ideology and the idea of “Islamic Republic” in the world media. Thus، a great number of world people got familiar with Imam’s thought and the reasons behind the Iranian people’s rise. This period has two more important characteristics: 1) Facilitating the contacts between Imam Khomeini and revolutionaries and students comparing to the past; 2) Faster and more access for Iranians to receive the messages and orders of revolution’s leader despite the far distance.
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