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Shojaeddin Shafa reflected in SAVAK documents

Abstract: This documentary study addressed the life of Shojaeddin Shafa، a renowned cultural figure in Pahlavi period. This study presented chronologically the personal details and personality characteristics of Shojaeedin Shafa، as reflected in SAVAK’s documents. This figure who believed in the West tried to give identity during Pahlavi period through offering a number of supports for cultural archaism as opposed to the majority orientation in Iran toward Islam. Delving into these documents، one could discover every turn and aspect of Shafa’s life. While he presented himself as a cultural figure to the outside world، according to SAVAK’s reports، personally، he was more into his interests، amassing wealth، establishing more and more relationships with women، and taking advantage of his cultural position. SAVAK’s documents on Shafa indicate how Pahlavi cultural figures took advantage of their positions to accumulate wealth under the guise of public services such as establishing libraries and museums.
Language: Persian
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