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The Role of Astrology in the Time Order and Background of Canonists' Astrological Calendaring during of Safavid Era

Abstract: Astrology، as the science of studying the effect of celestial bodies on the universe under the moon، played a significant role in setting the time in the Safavid period. Also، the various calendars provided by astrologers publicized the usage of astrology in setting times of public affairs in Safavid society. Due to their astrological content، these calendars played important role in regulating affairs and this issue caused the opposition of canonists with the publication of astrological calendar and it led to their entrance to the field of astrology and publication of canonical calendar. This research، with the aim of studying the function of canonists in this field، intends to answer this question in a descriptive-analytical method that why Safavid canonists addressed astrological issues and setting the canonical calendar? The findings of this research show that instead of opposing the astrology and the work of astrologers، canonists of Safavid era followed religious sources and entered this field، while using hadiths، and tried to give canonical aspect to the astrological order.
Keywords: Safavid Society, Astrology, Calendar, Time Order, Canonists, Astrologist
Language: Persian
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