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Hezbollah's Military-Missile Power and Deterrence Against Israel

Abstract: Lebanon Hezbollah movement is one of the non-governmental actors in the region that formed under influence of domestic conditions and the periphery development in particular Iran’s Islamic revolution. With regard to this reality that foundation of the movement had been based on countering Israeli regime، it has attempted to bolster its military power and capabilities especially pertaining missiles during the last decade. Accordingly، the main question of the research is that increasing the Hezbollah’s military and missile power to what extent has been successful to deter Israel and prevent its military attack during the last decade? The study utilizes deterrence theory. The research method is explanatory – analytical and the data gathered through library and internet resources. The finding reveals that increasing Hezbollah military and missile power in particular after the 33 days war of 2006 reinforced its deterrence and hindered Israel to start new war against Lebanon.
Keywords: Deterrence, Lebanon's Hezbollah, Israel, the Islamic Revolution, Iran
Language: Persian
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